Sunday, July 15, 2012

Combined Blitz and Quick - Results

16 players showed up at the library on Saturday.  The Blitz tournament was won by Jeremiah Miller and Ian Maclellan.  Chad Schneider won the G/15.  When all the scores were combined, Jeremiah and Chad shared 1st and 2nd place prizes while Colin Redman took the U1100 $  Congrats to all!

Blitz scores:
7    Ian Maclellan, Jeremiah Miller
6    Thomas Mathine, Bird Thompson, John Boyd, Chad Schneider
5     Brock Romero
4    Wayne Hatcher, Sam Dooley, Harsh Bhundiya, Colin Redman,
2   Pravin Agarwal
1     Scout Veitch, Craig Stamm, David Hanaur,
0  Elizabeth Cooper

Quick scores:
4.5    Chad Schneider
4       Wayne Hatcher
3.5    Thomas Mathine, Bird Thompson, Jeremiah Miller
3       Sam Dooley,  Ian Maclellan, Colin Redman, Jim Johnston,
2.5    John Boyd,  
2       Harsh Bhundiya,   Elizabeth Cooper,  Craig Stamm, 
1       Scout Veitch,   Pravin Agarwal, 
.5      David Hanaur
There were 8 blitz games and 5 G/15.  So the top combined scores were:
10.5    Chad, Jeremiah
10       Ian
9.5      Thomas, Bird
8.5       John
8         Wayne
7          Colin, Sam

Hope to see you all at our match ups on August 18th

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