Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blitz and Quick - The Results

IM Sarkar finished clear 1st in the G/15 tourney and then came 1st = in the Blitz to win the tournament.  Other plus scores were:
G/15   5  Sarkar     
           4  Prentos Flores Ostling   
           3   McCracken  Dooley Barnard  Snedicker McRoberts
Blitz   7   Prentos  Sarkar
           6    Flores  McCracken
           5    Dooley   McRoberts
           4  Barnard   Johnston  Hampton  Ostling
So the winners with the best combined scores were:
IM Justin   12
Kostas        11
Andrew      10  
Ryan            9
Sam             8
Holly           8
Eliot            8
Diane           7
Andrew Flores won the U1850 prize and Eliot Ostling took home the U1300 $
Thanks to al those who played.  Our next scheduled event is Match-Ups on March 30th

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Player list

The following players have signed up for the G/15 and Blitz:
Sam Dooley            1818
Andrew Flores         1791
Bill Frank                 1737
Tad Snediker           1728
Jim Johnston           1700
Leonard Helman      1578
Julian Trujillo         1578
Robert Hampton     1561
Holly McRoberts    1520
Eliot Ostling            1239
Daniel Marsalone   1201
Colin Redman         1093
Elizabeth Cooper     982
Craig Stamm            861
Nikki Carter             815
Ted Schooley           unr.
Gene  Chavez           unr.

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