Monday, February 22, 2010

Correct Results Posted

The results crosstables have been corrected and now appear at Thanks go out to the staff at USCF for helping figure out this issue!

Santa Fe Rooks will be taking off the month of March to participate in the NM Class Championships at UNM on March 6-7, and Wired Kings "On The Road Octagons" at Santa Fe's La Farge Library on March 20.

Hope to see you there

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Posted results are incorrect

It has been brought to my attention that the results tables posted at US Chess are incorrect. Apparently the software interpreted one point in a match as two draws instead of a win and a loss (the software did not ask me to specify). I am not sure why this happened, but I will look into it this afternoon or evening. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

tournament results

Thanks to the following players for participting in the SF Rooks February 20 tournament!

unr Gerard Jungman
1776 Jim Johnston
1728 Tim Martinson
1727 Leroy Quintana

1700 Sam Dooley
1698 Gabe Ewing
1695 Jeffrey Serna
1593 Robert Hampton

1377 Jeff Sallade
1211 Gabriel Maestas
1178 Scott Wade
1171 Krishan Bhakta

1148 Mike Martinson
1122 Trevor Turbov
1103 Hassan Bilal
1081 Arjun Bhakta

1098 Kedron Cobb
1060 Matthew Niemiec
838 Ian Lucero
794 Steve Roybal

371 Zakk Tush
1025 Derek Nez
620 Campbell Galon
539 Adam Melk

Congratulations to the winners. (6 points possible)

Quad One:
Gerard Jungman 4
Tim Martinson 4

Quad Two:
Gabe Ewing 4.5

Quad Three:
Gabriel Maestas 4.5

Quad Four:
Trevor Turbov 5

Quad Five:
Matthew Niemiec 5

Quad Six:
Campbell Galon 6

We will be taking March off to participate in the Wired Kings "On the Road" Octagons event at Santa Fe's La Farge library on March 20. See for info and entry.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb 20 Player list

We are anticipating another fun day of chess next Saturday, Feb 20, at Desert Academy.

Preregistration ($10) is due Wednesday by mail, phone or email .
onsite registration ($15)
Please arrive by 8:45, whether preregistered or not.

Note: Ratings listed are Quick ratings. Tournament results will only affect quick ratings.

377 Zakk Tush
539 Adam Melk
620 Campbell Galon
838 Ian Lucero
1060 Matthew Niemiec
1093 Hassan Bilal
1148 Mike Martinson
1381 Jeff Sallade
1728 Tim Martinson
1768 Jim Johnston
1862 Arthur Glassman

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 20 tournament

Santa Fe Rooks will be holding our fourth tournament next weekend, February 20, at Desert Academy. As usual, sign in is from 8:15 until 8:45, and the first round begins at 9:00. The format is G/29, with quads using a dual round robin system. That is, each player plays each other player in the quad twice, once as white and once as black. Quads will be determined by ratings, i.e., the top four rated players make up the top quad, the next four the next quad, etc..

This will be the last tournament that allows onsite registration. The events on April 17 and May 15 will require preregistration by the Thursday before the event.

Speaking of April and May:

The April tournament will be a $10 entry fee, and we will play a swiss style, G/90, 3 rounds. If there is sufficient interest, we will also run a 4 round, G/50 tournament for under 1200 (more or less), and a 2 round, G/120 tournament for over 1800 (more or less). When entering, please state your preference. Each player may also choose a zero point bye for the first or final round.

May's tournament will be the grand finale of the first season of the Santa Fe Rooks tournaments. It will be a $25 entry fee, with a $500 prize for the top section and a $300 prize for the second section. The tournament will be limited to 32 players, and sections will be determined by rating. Each section of 16 can only have one player win 4 points, in which case he or she will win the entire prize. If there is a tie with fewer than 4 points, the prize money will be split. No byes allowed.

For the summer months, we are considering a weekly tournament a la Baba's Bagels tourneys in Albuquerque. More on that as we locate a space and settle other details.

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