Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tournament news

Thanks to all who came to the NM Class tournament in Eldorado. La Tienda proved to be a great new playing site and I will try to get another tournament there soon. Maybe the Santa Fe Open in October?
Meanwhile our new season starts in May. Chad tells me that the match against Colorado is planned for May 19th. So I will try to book the library for May 12th and May 19th is the second choice if that date is unavailable.
You can download a flyer for the next SFR tourneys at

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Player List and directions

For the Class we are expecting:
Carlos Santillan 2006
David Langlois 1930
Andrew Flores 1882
Jim Johnston 1857
Albert Zuo 1835
Leroy Quintana 1816

Robert Hampton 1752
Jeff Sallade 1745
Chris Cruz 1716
Hector Martinez 1700
Holly McRoberts 1675
Brady Barkemeyer 1660
Leonard Helman 1633
Matthew Bryant 1613
Eric Barkemeyer 1601

Larry Kemp 1552
Julian Trujillo 1538
Rick Lass 1478
Dan Tellez 1368
Jerry Nabb 1271
Wendel Brown 1248
Alfredo Vigil 968
Annabelle Romero 922
Nikki Carter 420

To get to the venue stay on the I 25 for 8 miles beyond the Santa Fe exits. Take the turn-off for Clines Corners (285) go 1 mile south then at the 2nd light turn R on Vista Grande. La Tienda is immediately on the L. Chess is in the Destiny Allison Fine Arts space in the mall

Sunday, March 4, 2012

NM Class Championships

On March 17th and 18th we will be holding the class tournament in Destiny Allison Fine Arts space in La Tienda, in Eldorado, near Santa Fe. Play 5 rounds against those in your rating class, G/90 plus 5 seconds delay. Rounds are at 10, 1:45 and 5 on Saturday and 10 and 1:45 on Sunday.
Each class contains those rated within a spread of 200 points. Expert 2000 - 2200, Class A 1800 - 2000, B 1600 - 1800, C 1400 - 1600 D 1200 - 1400 and E 1000 - 1200. If there are enough entries then classes are paired as distinct sections, while classes could be grouped together if numbers are lower. Prizes should be $150 for each class champion based on 10 entries per class. Class Champions A through E will be invited to represent New Mexico in the annual match against Colorado in the summer.
See the flyer at To enter send your check for $25 to Santa Fe Rooks, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe NM 87508

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