Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Festive quads at La Farge on December 19th

For the Christmas season we will run a 3 round quad on Saturday 19th December.  Rounds at 10:15   1:15    and   3:30.  Games are dual rated as it is G/60 with a 5 second delay.  Entrants are divided into groups of 4 by rating and then they play a round robin among themselves.  Entry is $10 and the winner of each quad wins $30.  NM Cup points will also be distributed to all.  To enter send your $10 check to   Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM  87508.  Or you could just send me an email to book your spot, and then pay at the door IF you arrive promptly at 10.
The La Farge library is on Llano which runs from Siringo to St Michael's.  Those driving from Abq. should exit from I-25  onto St Francis.  At the 3rd light make a  L onto Siringo then go R at the 2nd light onto Llano.
Chris Peterson                   2181
Doug Thigpen                   2146
Bob Nolan                         1884
Matthew Bryant                  1830
Jim Johnston                      1820
Victor Lopez                      1741
Nitant Kenkre                    1707
Greg Stricklin                    1691
Mark Galassi                     1613
Bird Thompson                  1608
Chad Frantz                       1562
Aubrey O'Neal                  1518
Kirill Sereda                      1472
Christian Von Huene         1447
Jorge Cardenas                  1417
 Miles Teng-Levy               1123
Annabelle Romero              1094
Jesse Montoya                    1062
Graciela Lopez                   777
John Burrell                        unr.
Trevor Keegan                   unr.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blitz and Quick Unrated on November 21st

Our next event is an unrated combined tournament at the Main library downtown in Santa Fe.  4 double rounds of G/5 in the a.m. then 5 rounds of G/15 ;d3 after lunch.  Entry is $10.  Cash prizes for the best combined scores.  Probably in 2 sections.  Play even if your uscf has lapsed and nobody loses any rating points!  Rounds    Blitz   at     10:15   10:45   11:15   11:45   then  lunch,  then  G/15  at     1:30     2:15        3      3:45   and  4:30
Remember that you will need a pocket full of quarters to park all day at the library or you can allow extra time to park for free a few blocks away and walk to the library.  The main library is at Washington and Marcy, one block N of the plaza.
Peter Cuneo                      1778
Art Glassman                    1769
Jim Johnston                     1615
Mark Galassi                     1575
Bird Thompson                 1565
Jonathan Gardner              1458
Gilbert Mireles                  unr.
Danilo Naturane                unr.
Adrian Nez                        unr.

Send me an email if YOU want to play too.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Match - ups on October 17th

Our next event is on at the La Farge library in Santa Fe. Play a 2 game match (b and w) against the player with the rating closest to yours.  Rounds at 10:15 and 2:15.  Entry is $10 and the prizes have been increased(!) to $20 for 2 points and $15 for 1.5 points.  Everybody wins NM Cup points.
To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM 87508.
Or you could just send me an email to book your spot and then pay at the door.  If so you must arrive before 10 when the library opens.
The La Farge library is on Llano street between St Michael's and Siringo.  If you are coming from the I-25 then exit on St Francis.  At the 3rd light go L on Siringo.  At the 2nd light go R on Llano.
Player List
Bob Nolan                         1933
Jim Johnston                      1857
Nitant Kenkre                    1754
Robert Hampton                 1722
Peter Lattimore                  1695
Robert Spulak                   1657
Mark Galassi                      1630
Aubrey O'Neal                   1500
Scout Veitch                      1162
Christie Nolan                     1170
Annabelle Romero              1157

Monday, July 27, 2015

SFR Action tournament on August 15th

We are meeting at the Southside library on the 15th of August to play 5 rounds G/30;d5.  Probably in 2 sections...top and bottom halves of entries. Entry $10,  cash prizes based on entries.  Rounds at 10:45   12   1:45   3   and  4:15.  To enter send your check for $10 to  Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe, NM  87508.  Or you could just send me an email to save your spot and then pay at the door....IF you arrive promptly by 10:30 when the library opens.

From downtown go way down Cerrillos - just past the Autopark make a R on Jaguar Drive. Stay on it for about 2 miles - the library is on the R at the top of the hill
From ABQ (or the N) take the 599 ring road. At the Airport road light make a R.  Turn R just past the golf course on Country Club Rd.  The library will soon appear on your L

Doug Thigpen                2136
Sam Dooley                  2002
Tony Schroeder             2000
Jim Johnston                  1829
Chris Cruz                     1749
Victor Lopez                 1746
Robert Hampton            1736
Eddy Wyckoff               1703
Aubrey O'Neal              1570
Michael Brown              1431
Jorge Cardenas              1406
Wendel Brown               1215
Annabelle Romero          1179
Max Fouts                     1090
Miles Teng-Levy            1072
Rami Jaggers                   561
Sarah Biggert                  503
Makayla Taylor               261
Sophia Tatlor                  105
Sam Gates                      unr.
Daniel Palma                   unr.
If YOU want to play send me an email

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

La Tienda Open on July 25th in Eldorado

Our next one is 4 rounds G/60 ;d5 at the performance space in La Tienda mall in Eldorado.  Rounds at 10   1   3:20 and  5:40.  2 sections   Open and Reserve ( U1500.)  Entry is $20 for all players and there is a late fee of $5 applied to entries received after Thursday 23rd or on the door from 9:15 to 9:45.  Prizes:
Open   (b16)               1st  $100      U 1900   $80     U1700  $75
Reserve (b12)             1st  $80        U1300    $60      U1100  $55

For directions scroll down to Utopian Open

Doug Thigpen                         2131
Sam Dooley                           1999
Bob Nolan                              1894
Michael Torres                       1846
Nitant Kenkre                         1798
Robert Hampton                     1742
Jim Johnston                          1700
David Van Horn                      1653
Mark Galassi                           1618
Aubrey O'Neal                        1570
David Baca                            1503
Alfonso Arenasa                     1300
Lis Cooper                             1267
Wendel Brown                        1202
Scout Veitch                          1194
Annabelle Romero                    1124
Patrick White                           928

Questions / If you want to play
Send me an email

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Octos on June 13th

Please don't show up tomorrow if you are not on the list below.  The room is small and we already have 4 Octos    IF YOU NEED SOME SPACE YOU MAY PREFER TO DROP OUT!!  No complaining later

Our next tournament is at the La Farge library on the 13th June.  Players are split into groups of 8 then each group plays a 3 round rated Swiss tournament among themselves.  G/60 with a 5 second delay.  Rounds at 10:15     1:15     and   3:30.  ALL players get NM Cup points. Entry is $10 and in each Octo 1st wins $40 and 2nd wins $20.  To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM  87508   or you could just send an email to say you will be coming and then pay at the door.  If so you must arrive promptly before 10.
Scroll down to Christmas quads

Bob Nolan                           1898
Art Glassman                       1886
Vasudev Kenkre                  1799
Robert Hampton                  1752
Michael Takahashi              1745
Jim Johnston                       1711
Jonathan Gardner                 1672
Asher Nathan                      1670

Brad Earlewine                   1661
Oren Stevens                       1600
Mark Galassi                        1585
Holly McRoberts                 1536
Bruce Nelson                       1528
Mark Smith                         1510
Elizabeth Cooper                1267
Mariano Trujillo                  1215

Ivan Vargas                         1176
Devin Coe                           1157
Max Fouts                            1151
Della Carter                          1150
Annabelle Romero               1055
Fred Nathan                          850
Isabella Hays                        829
Patrick Martinez                   788

Ashwin Chinala                    787
Lokesh Hariharan                  509
Gilbert Chavez                      478
Makaylaa Taylor                    261
Sophia Taylor                         105
Edgar Botello                         unr.
Alfonso Arenasa                   unr.
John McCombs                     unr.

If you want to withdraw.....  send me an email

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time Odds Tourney on April 25th

Our next event is at the La Farge Library in Santa Fe. This is unrated.  You can play even if your USCF has expired. We will play 5 rounds at G/30 plus or minus a time odds handicap.  Rounds at  10:15   11:30  1:45  3   and 4:15.   Entry is $10.  Prizes based on entries.
  The time handicap is one tenth of the difference in ratings in minutes.  Example:             
 Joe rated  1724  plays  Tom  rated 1396.  The difference is 328 points  so Tom gets an advantage of 33 minutes.  Subtract  half  from 30 leaves Joe with 30 -16  so 14 minutes on the clock while Tom gets 30 + 17 =47 minutes.   The stronger player always gets at least 6 minutes AND time delay of 5 seconds is used.  Unrated players are considered 1200 for time odds purposes.
To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road, Santa Fe,  NM  87508    or you could just send an email to say you will be there and then pay at the door IF you arrive promptly at 10
Sam Dooley                   1999
Bob Nolan                     1912
Jim Johnston                  1730
Paul Hedrick                  1313
Max Fouts                     1149
Annabelle Romero          938
Gilbert Mireles                unr.
Josh  Wells                       unr.           

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Utopian Open on March 28th-29th in Eldorado

Our next tournament is a 5 round weekend event at the Performance Space at La Tienda in Eldorado.  8 miles from Santa Fe....see directions below.
 5 rounds G/90;d5.    Rounds:  on Saturday at   10   1:30    and  5,  and  on Sunday at 10 and 1:45.
 2 sections  Open and  Reserve U1500.
 Entry is  $30 Open and  $25 Reserve
Prizes:   Open (b15)      1st  $150       U1900  $120    U1700  $100
             Reserve (b12)  1st   $100      U1300  $80       U1100  $60
To enter send your check to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM  87508
A $5 late fee is due on entries received after Thursday 26th or on the door by 9:30
A half point bye is available in any round if requested in advance.
2015 NM Cup points awarded to all players.

Doug Thigpen                 2106
Andrew Flores                2104
Dennis Dyer                    1993
Larry Wutt                      1983
Shaun Macmillan           1965
David Langlois               1917
Bob Nolan                      1903
Jonah Romero                 1843
Paul Covington              1810
Peter Lattimore              1775   
 Jim Johnston                 1730
Hector Martinez             1729
Henry Poston                  1697
Robert Hampton             1692
Greg Stricklin                 1652
Asher Nathan                 1605
Aubrey O'Neal               1571
Holly McRoberts            1542
Bruce Nelson                 1520
Mark Smith                    1515
Steve Aarons                  1485
Heidi Darsey                   1479
Victor Popa-Simil           1434
Do Vo                              1383
John Letard                    1263
Nikki Carter                   1226
Wendel Brown                1203
Trevor Lasley                  1190
Dmitri Lopez                   1166
Max Fouts                       1149
Scout Veitch                    1138
Tim Martin                      1074
Devin Coe                       1055
Steven Hampton              963
May Vo                            930
Annabelle Romero           912
Alfredo Vigil                    888
Estevan Olivas                 859
Patrick Martinez              829
Gilbert Chavez                 unr.
Estevan Martinez             unr.
Manasse Martinez            unr.         
Ivan Vargas                       unr

 From Santa Fe take I-25 N for 8 miles.  Exit on US 285 heading S towards Clines Corners.  At the 2nd light go R on Vista Grande.  The La Tienda mall is immediately on the L.  The building with a green roof holds the La Plancha restaurant and the performance space.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Action tournament on February 7th

The much awaited Rooks Action is on.  We will play at the La Farge library in Santa Fe on the 7th February.  5 rounds at ...   10:15   11:30   1:30   2:45 and   4.    G/30;d5.  Probably in 2 sections - top and bottom halves.  Entry is $10 and cash prizes based on entries will be awarded.  To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road, Santa Fe  NM 87508.... or you could just send me an email to reserve your place and then pay at the door IF you arrive promptly at 10 on the day.
DIRECTIONS   scroll down
Edward Maran               1921
Bob Nolan                     1903
Michael Torres              1801
Jim Johnston                  1785
Robert Hampton            1692
Aubrey O'Neal               1633
Bird Thompson              1622
Mark Galassi                  1586
Steve Aarons                  1476
Joey Reich                      1324
Max Fouts                      1167
Christie Nolan                1175
Ian Aarons                      797
If you want to play send me an email

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