Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decmber 12 results

Thanks to everyone for playing in the second Santa Fe Rooks tournament yesterday. We had six players who won both games in their match, and will be sharing in the $120 prize money. Checks will be mailed tomorrow.
The results were posted last night and now appear at

The next tournament is January 16 at Desert Academy. The format is G/45 with 5 second delay. It will be dual rated (quick and regular), and we will use regular ratings to determine pairings. It will be 6 person round robin.

Please register ahead of time if at all possible. Also, it is important that everyone arrive by 8:45 so we can finalize the pairings and start on time.

Friday, December 11, 2009

final preregistration for tomorrow

Here is the list of those preregistered for tomorrow's tournament. We can still accept registrations between 8:15 and 8:45 in the morning. Please arrive by 8:45 even if you preregistered so that the pairings can be ready and the first round can begin at 9:00.

Same location- Desert Academy at 313 Camino Alire, between Alameda and Agua Fria one half mile west of St Francis. Thanks again to the school for donating the space.

The list below contains updated ratings. As I mentioned before the November tournament, we will be using the most up to date ratings found at the website, under 'tournament history' on a player's page.

The format is two person match play, G/100 with 5 second delay. First round is at 9:00, second round at 1:15. Prize money will be divided between all players with two wins. Good luck!

1899 Art Glassman
1840 Hector Flores
1774 Nitant Kenkre
1737 Brock Romero
1737 Jim Johnston
1700 Kyle Leeds-Tilley
1579 Jeff Sallade
1319 Chris Hyde
1285 Tom Pigott
1248 Art Byers
1236 Dan Tellez
1176 Gabriel Maestas
1001 Annabelle Romero
858 Jasper Rodriguez-Watts
845 Alfredo Vigil
384 Isaac Fischer

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tournament Saturday December 12

There is still space available for this Saturday's tournament at Desert Academy in Santa Fe. We will waive the late fee if you let us know you plan on playing by 6:00 Friday. Onsite entries will be available between 8:15 and 8:45. Round one begins at 9:00 AM. Format is match play, G/100 with 5 second delay.

So far, the following players have registered. Please note, these ratings are subject to change based on last weekend's tournament results being posted (so, don't pull an all nighter studying your potential opponent's past games and then complain if you play someone else!) For an added variable, I will only play if there are an even number of players, but will not play if there are an odd number.

See you Saturday!

1964 Chad Schneider
1792 Hector Flores
1772 Nitant Kenkre
1762 Jim Johnston
1718 Kyle Leeds-Tilley
1640 Brock Romero
1609 Jeffrey Sallade
1525 Rick Lass
1287 Dan Tellez
1272 Chris Hyde
1263 Tom Pigott
1222 Art Byers
1176 Gabriel Maestas
980 Annabelle Romero
850 Alfredo Vigil
761 Jasper Rodriguez-Watts
445 Isaac Fischer

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