Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blitz and Quick tourneys on December 14th

This coming Saturday we are playing at the La Farge library in Santa Fe.  4 double rounds of blitz (we will use the updated USCF rules) and 5 rounds of G/15 ;d3  These are 2 separate unrated tourneys then prizes go to the best combined scores.  Rounds at  10:15  10:45   11:15  and 11:45 for blitz then quick at 1:30   2:15   3    3:45   and 4:30

Ryan McCracken        1837
Art Glassman              1830
Daniela Keller             1776
Jim Johnston               1641
Holly McRoberts         1557
Mark Galassi                1520
Maxwell Fouts              715

Send me an email if you wish to join them

Thursday, November 21, 2013

GM Kraai gives a Simul and book reading of "Lisa " a chess novel

On Saturday December 21st Santa Fe's  own G M,  Jesse Kraai, is coming to the Performance Space at La Tienda in Eldorado.  Jesse will read from his brand new chess novel "Lisa" and will sell you a copy.  For a few $ more you can take a board against  the International Grandmaster in the simul AND get a copy of Lisa...all for $15.  This may be your last chance for some time to get to play against a titled player!
The reading starts at 2 p m.  The simul should run from approx 2:45 till 5
Send me an email to reserve your place in the simul   at

From Santa Fe take I-25 heading N.  After 8 miles take the exit to Clines Corners (285 S).  At the 2nd light go R into Eldorado..  The La Tienda mall is the first thing you see on the L.  The building with a green roof contains a restaurant , La Plancha, and the Performance Space.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Downtown Match-ups on November 16th

Our next event gives you the chance to play slower chess.  Play a match against the player with the rating closest to your own.  One game as black and one as white.  G/90;d5  Rounds at 10:15 and 2:15
Entry is $10:  2 points wins $20 and 1.5 points wins $10.  To enter send  your check to  Santa Fe Rooks or you could just email me to say you will be there and then hand me your $ in the parking lot at 9:55 on the day

Don Mulcahy                    1886
Brock Romero                   1826
Robert Hampton                1824
Mark Galassi                     1779
Nitant Kenkre                    1759
Nakul Deshpande               1737
Julian  Trujillo                   1710     
Jim Johnston                      1704
Holly McRoberts               1659
Oren Stevens                      1611
Andy Nowak                      1544
Jules Carter                         1520
Aaron Currence                  1395
Edward Weagel                  1127
Nikki Carter                         941
Asher Nathan                       941
Alfredo Vigil                       876
Annabelle Romero              856
Max Fouts                           855
There's still time to join them.  Send me an email if YOU wish to play

Please note that the library parking is metered as are the streets nearby.  You should either show up with a bunch of quarters or else allow extra time to locate free parking and then walk in to the library.
Try  Fort Marcy sports center   ....N on Washington then  L  .....  10 minutes walk back
        Rosario Bvd.  N on Washington, L on Paseo, R on Old Taos Hway and Rosario is a small road on the L .....7 minutes walk
        Huge free parking lots south of downtown between Old S F Trail and East De Vargas.  15 + minutes away

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Action tournament on October 26th

Our next event is the Santa Fe Action tourney at the Southside library.  Five rounds  G/30 + 5 secs delay.  Rounds at 10:15   11:45   2    3:15   and   4:30.  Probably in 2 sections.  Cash prizes based on entries.  To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks, or you could send me an email to book your place and then pay at the door...IF you arrive on time.
Carlos Santillan                  2079
Tony Schroeder                  2068
Thomas Mathine                1868
Nakul Deshpande               1737
Jim  Johnston                     1726
Mark Galassi                      1659
Victor Lopez                      1621
Bruce Nelson                     1591
Aubrey O'Neal                   1457
Achyut Warrier                  1443
Aaron Currence                 1299
Ming-Yuan Lo                   1260
Muraleedharan                  1189
John Letard                       1168
Quin Fredine                      932
Max Fouts                         855
Willow Letard                   841
Kioshi Morosin                  823
Gloria Galassi                    167

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Octos, the Winners

 18 players took part in the Octos.  Thanks to all.  Congrats to Victor Lopez who won the top section  ahead of Don Mulcahy in 2nd place.  Aaron Currence  came 1st in Octo 2 with a 3 way tie for 2nd place between Ming-yuan Lo, Scout Veitch and John Letard.  Tiegan Kurtz won the U1000 rating prize. Well done all!  We hope to hold our next tournament  - 5 rounds of G/30 - on October 12th

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Octos on August 31st

We will be playing 3 rounds G/60 + 5 secs delay at the southside library this Saturday.  Rounds at 10:15     1:15   and   3:30.    $10  entry.    1st in each Octo wins $40  2nd wins $20.  If you wish to play send me an email to reserve your place, then be sure to arrive at the library for 10 a m.

Art Glassman                     1849
Don Mulcahy                     1811
Jim Johnston                      1737
Victor Lopez                      1577
Heidi Darsey                      1492
Aubrey O'Neal                   1439
Victor Popa-simil               1392
Don Lubin                          1387
Ming-Yuan Lo                    1294
Scout Veitch                       1231
Aaron Currence                  1209
Edward Weagel                  1198
John Letard                         1164
Asher Nathan                       925
Tiegan Kurtiz                      892                 
Maxwell Fouts                    785
Richard Kurtiz                    715

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Santa Fe Open ...the winners

23 players competed  on August 3rd.  Thanks to all.  The Open section was won by Carlos Santillan with the rating prizes being shared between Michael Torres, Matthew Bryant, Jim Johnston, Greg Stricklin and Alex Ionkov.  In the U1300 section Mark Galassi won all 4 games.  He was unrated so Edward Weagel also won some cash as the top guy with a rating on 3.5.  Alfredo Vigil took the U1000 cash and Aaron Currence had the best score among U500 / Unrated players.  Great job all!
I hope to see everybody at the next SFR tournament - Octos at the Southside library on August 31st

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Santa Fe Open on August 3rd

 The next SFR tourney is the Santa Fe Open at the southside library on August 3rd.  Play 4 rounds at G/40 ;d5.  Rounds will be at 10:15   11:45   2:15 and  4.  2 sections - Open and U1300.  Prizes will be based on entries.  To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks or you could email me to book your place and then  pay at the door IF you arrive on time.

Tony Schroeder     2075
Carlos Santillan     2018
Sam Dooley          1883
Jim Johnston         1758
Michael Torres      1756
Matthew Bryant    1751
Alex Ionkov          1405
Victor Popa-simil  1392
Phillip Ionkov       1310
Andrei Popa-simil  1269
Scout Veitch         1242
Nitis Morgan         1152
Kian Morgan         1106
Liz Cooper            1044
Sam Kater             1018
Alfredo Vigil          929
Asher Nathan          926
Tiegan Kurtiz          892
Annabelle Romero  824
Antoni Galassi        469
Gloria Galassi         169
Mark Galassi           Unr.
Maxwell Fouts        Unr.
Edward Weagel       Unr.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Interstate Quads on June 8th

To coincide with the NM - Colo match I have moved the quad previousy planned for the 15th to Eldorado on the 8th.  Friends, drivers and  supporters of the players in the team match are invited to join the regular SFR players.  The room is not that big, so I will limit the quad to the first 16 players who send an email to say they are coming.  Send it to and then pay when you get there.  3 rounds G/60 ;d5   Rounds at 10:15    1:15   3:30.  Entry is $10 and 1st in each quad wins $30.  No byes.  Must be a current uscf member.

Sam Dooley
Don Mulcahy
Jim Johnston
Holly McRoberts
Anthea Carson
Greg Stricklin
Dean Brown
Victor Popa-Simil
Aubrey O'Neal
Rebeccah Herman
Jonah Romero
Andrei Popa-Simil
Kathy Schneider
Elizabeth Cooper
Shirley Herman
Tara Martinez
.....This tournament is now full!    .Let me know if you want to be a reserve should someone drop out.  Otherwise players can prepare for those in their quad
From I-25 8 miles N of Santa Fe take the exit signed to Clines Corners (285).  At the 2nd light go R into Eldorado.  Immediately on the L you will see a restaurant with a green roof.  The chess is in the building right behind it - the La Tienda mall - where we are playing in the Destiny Allison Art Space

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hexes on at the Southside library on May 18th

We take the top 6 by rating and they all play each other ...5 rounds in a round robin.  So do the next 6 etc.  5 rounds G30;d5.  To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks or you could email me to say you are coming and then pay at the door.  1st in each hex wins $45.  Rounds at 10:15   11:30   1:45   3 and 4:15

So far we are expecting:
Tony Schroeder          2037
Carlos Santillan           2010
Ryan McCracken       1936
Sam Dooley                1898
Jim Johnston               1812
Peter Lattimore           1756
Holly McRoberts         1621
Greg Stricklin              1595
Victor Lopez               1494
Aubrey O'Neal            1305
Jonah Romero             1071
Elizabeth Cooper          941
Annabelle Romero        873
Asher Nathan               805

And we have room for a few more!  If YOU are planning to come please send me an email soon

From town take Cerrillos, pass the auto park then go R on Jaguar Drive.  Stay on it for 2 miles when the library appears on your right.  From ABQ    from I 25 take the 599 signed for Los Alamos.  At the 2nd light go R on Airport Rd.  After the golf course go R on Country Club and soon you will spot the library on the L

Thursday, April 11, 2013

NM Class Championship on April 27th -28th

There is no library tournament in Santa Fe this month but I am hoping that all our regular players will come to Eldorado to compete in the class championships. SFR booked the hall but the TD is Larry Kemp of NMCO. This is a 5 round tournament G/90 ;d5. 3 rounds on Saturday at  10   1:45    5   and 2 rounds on Sunday at 10 and 2. One half point bye can be booked if requested in advance. When possible you will be matched against the other players in your rating class.  Some classes may be merged depending on number of entries.  Then class champs A-E will be invited to play in the annual match against Colorado.  The match may be held in the same location in the summer.
To enter send your check for $30 to NMCO at PO Box 4215 Albuquerque NM 87196.  There is a $10 late fee after April 25th!

We are playing in the Destiny Allison Art Space in La Tienda in Eldorado.  To get there stay on the I 25 heading north beyond all 3 exits to Santa Fe.  8 miles from town take the exit for Clines Corners (285)  At the 2nd light turn R into Eldorado.  The La Tienda mall is the first thing you see on the L.  Facing the street is a restaurant with a green roof.  The art space is in the building immediately behind it.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Match Ups: the winners

Congrats to Michael Torres, Greg Stricklin, Bob Scott, Nikki Carter and Jim Johnston who won their match on Saturday.  I hope the cross table will be up and rated by the time you read this.
No SFR library event in April, BUT the NM Class tournament is on in Eldorado on 4/27 - 28.  Sign up through NMCO

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Player List

So far we are expecting the following players for the match ups on Saturday 30th:
Don Mulcahy             1834
Bob Hampton            1799
Jim Johnston              1789
Holly McRoberts       1640
Greg Stricklin            1595
Victor Lopez              1494
Bob Scott                   1340
Aubrey O'Neal           1296
Annabelle Romero       962
John Letard                  950
Nikki Carter                 950
Willow Letard              829

Plenty of room for more!
If YOU want to play send me an email

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blitz and Quick - The Results

IM Sarkar finished clear 1st in the G/15 tourney and then came 1st = in the Blitz to win the tournament.  Other plus scores were:
G/15   5  Sarkar     
           4  Prentos Flores Ostling   
           3   McCracken  Dooley Barnard  Snedicker McRoberts
Blitz   7   Prentos  Sarkar
           6    Flores  McCracken
           5    Dooley   McRoberts
           4  Barnard   Johnston  Hampton  Ostling
So the winners with the best combined scores were:
IM Justin   12
Kostas        11
Andrew      10  
Ryan            9
Sam             8
Holly           8
Eliot            8
Diane           7
Andrew Flores won the U1850 prize and Eliot Ostling took home the U1300 $
Thanks to al those who played.  Our next scheduled event is Match-Ups on March 30th

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Player list

The following players have signed up for the G/15 and Blitz:
Sam Dooley            1818
Andrew Flores         1791
Bill Frank                 1737
Tad Snediker           1728
Jim Johnston           1700
Leonard Helman      1578
Julian Trujillo         1578
Robert Hampton     1561
Holly McRoberts    1520
Eliot Ostling            1239
Daniel Marsalone   1201
Colin Redman         1093
Elizabeth Cooper     982
Craig Stamm            861
Nikki Carter             815
Ted Schooley           unr.
Gene  Chavez           unr.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

G/15 AND Blitz tourneys on February 23rd

 Our next event will be at the La Farge library in Santa Fe. We have 5 rounds of G/15, then we start a brand new  4 double rounds of blitz tournament. Finally your scores for both are added together and the highest combined scores win cash prizes! Rounds at  10:15  11   11:45   1:30   2:15 ....then blitz at    3    3:30    4   and   4:30.  This tournament is NOT rated.  You cannot lose rating points!  If your uscf membership has expired you can still play here.
To enter send a check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks, or you can email me to book your entry and then pay at the door IF you get there on time

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