Thursday, June 27, 2019

Quad tournament on July 27th

Our next event is at the La Farge library on Llano street in Santa Fe. Play 3 games  G/60;d5.  The top 4 players play a round robin as do players 5 -8,  9-12 etc.  Entry is $10 and the winner of each quad gets $30. Rounds at   10:15   (lunch)   1   and 3:15. To enter send me an email  to   and then pay at  the door
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Player List
Aravind Anandakumar       1908
Steven Young                      1814
Geary Radcliffe                  1712
Jim Johnston                       1700
Eddie Sedillo                       1683
Kevin Toland                      1630
Grigory Ovanesyan            1353
Eric Johnston                      1339
Gene Gerber                       1335
Sherlock Chen                     1181
Devin King                          521

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Action Chess on June 8th

Our next tournament is at the main library in Santa Fe on Saturday June 8th.  Play 5 rounds of G/30 ;d5.  There will be 2 sections...Open and Under 1400.  Games at 10:10   11:20  (lunch)  1:10   2:20  and  3:30.  Entry is $10 and cash prizes will be based on entries.  To enter send me an email to save your spot and then pay at the door.
The library is on Washington Ave, 1 block N of the plaza.  If you are parking there remember to bring quarters to feed the machine.
Player list
Tim Martinson                1807
Matthew Bryant              1746
Jim Johnston                   1700
Jonathan Gardner            1650
Dustin Harris                   1586
Bird Thompson                1476
Miles Teng Levy             1474
Andy Merriell                 1400
Eric Johnston                  1286
Kevin Zemco                  1074
Annabelle Romero          1070
Zoltan Szekely                 633
Gene  Gerber                    unr.
Grigory Ovanesyan          unr.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Utopian Open on April 13-14

Our next one is  at the La Tienda mall in Eldorado.  Play 5 rounds G/90;d5.  2 sections  Open and U1600.   Saturday games at 10  1:30  and 5.   Sunday at 10 and 1:30   Entry is $30
Prizes:  Open (b16)   1st   $150    U2000   $130   U1800   $120  Best scholastic player  $40
             U1600  section   Best scholastic   $40  Other prizes based on entries.
To enter send me an email     to       to book your spot then pay at the door.  Those who show up without booking will incur a late fee of $5
Directions      ( Scroll down)
Kevin Toland                     unr.
Jason Murray                    819
Alfredo Vigil                     864
Sherlock Chen                  1055
Annabelle Romero            1070
Jared Perlic                        1231
Eric Johnston                     1357
Miles Teng Levy                1402
Gerald Casteel                    1454
Andy Merriell                     1463
Bird Thompson                   1464
William Barfuss                   1507
Robert Hampton                  1669
Jim Johnston                        1732
Christian Von Huene           1750
Eddie Sedillo                       1760
Tim Martinson                     1802
Jonah Romero                      2052

Monday, February 18, 2019

Quick and Blitz on March 9th

Our next tournament is at the Southside Library in Santa Fe.  Play 5 games G/5;d3 then 4 double rounds at G/5.  Prizes go to those with the best combined scores.  This event is NOT rated.  Play even if your uscf has lapsed.  Rounds at 10:35  11:15   12   (lunch)  1:15   2, then blitz rounds at   2:45  3:15 3:45 and 4:15
 From downtown head S on Cerrillos. Go R on Jaguar Drive.  After 2 miles the library is  on the R.  From Abq exit the I-25 on the 599. At the light go R on Airport Rd.  Just after the golf course go R on Country Club Rd and you will soon see the library on the L
Player List 
Bruce Bell
Eric Johnston
Jim Johnston
Andy Merriell
Gilbert Mireles
Miles Teng Levy

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Quad on January 5th

Our next event is a quad at the La Farge library on January 5th.  Play 3 rounds G/60;d5.  Entrants in groups of 4 by ratings play a round robbin.  Entry is $10 and the winner of each quad earns $30.
Rounds at 10:15   1   and  3:15

Players list
Aravind                     1899
Jim Johnston              1700
Holly MacRoberts       1643
Quinn Fredine            1515
Bird Thompson          1489
Miles Teng-Levy       1266
Annabelle Romero    1137
Kevin Zemko             1049
Jason Murray              1029
Jack Miller                    821
Sherlock Chen             unr.

Directions      The library is on Llano between Siringo and St Michael's.  Those travelling from Abq should exit I-25 on St Francis then go L at the 3rd light on Siringo.  Then go  R at the 2nd light onto Llano

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Action tournament on December 8th

Our next event is a  rated 5 round action chess tournament at the La Farge library, on Llano Street in Santa Fe.  Entry is $10.  5 rounds G/30;d5.  Cash prizes. IF there are enough entries we will have 2 sections.  Check in at 10.  Rounds at 10:15   11:30   (lunch)   1:15    2:30   and 3:45
Andrew Ackerman
Aravind A.
Tim Martinson
Jim Johnston
Nick Miller
Richard Ronan
Eric Johnston
Miles Teng Levy
Aryan Siravuri

Monday, September 10, 2018

Library Quad on October 6th

Our next tournament is a rated quad at the La Farge library in Santa Fe.  Players are divided into groups of 4 by rating and then play the other 3 in their quad.  3 rounds G/60;d5.  Rounds at 10:15    (lunch)    1    and 3:15.  Entry is $10.  1st in each quad wins $30.  To enter send me an email to             jdjohnston100@gmail      and then pay in the parking lot before the library opens at 10.

Players list 
Jim Johnston
Eric Johnston
Bird Thompson
Annabelle Romero
Alfredo Vigil

The library is on Llano  street between St Michaels and Siringo.  If you are coming from ABQ ....from the I-25 take the St. Francis exit.  At the 3rd light go L onto Siringo.  Then make a R at the 2nd light onto Llano.

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