Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Utopian Open on March 24th to 25th

The Utopian Open will happen at the performance space in La Tienda mall in Eldorado.  2 sections - Open and U1600.  5 rounds G/90 with a 5 second delay.  Rounds at 10    1: 30 and   5 on Saturday, then at  10 and   1:30 on Sunday.  Entry is $30.  To enter send me an email  to        then pay at the door IF you arrive early.  Or you could send a check to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM 87508.  A late fee of $5 applies to entries received after 3/22
Prizes:   Open (b14)     1st  $160     U2000   $120      U1800   $100   best K-12 player  $40
               Reserve          1st and rating prizes based on entries.  Best scholastic player $40
Directions     Scroll down
Player list      Coming soon

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rooks Action on February 3rd

Our next event is at the Sabor Peruano restaurant in De Vargas Mall on Saturday February 3rd.  Play 5 rounds of G/30 ;d5.  Dual rated.  Check in at 9:30.  Rounds at   9:45  11   (lunch)   12:30    1:45  and  3.  Entry is $10.  Cash prizes based on entries.  To enter send me an email and then pay at the door.  For directions scroll down.
Tim Martinson
Aravind A
Andrew Ackerman
Bird Thompson
Richard Ronan
Jim Johnston
Miles Teng-Levy

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Octos on January 6th

Our next event is at the Sabor Peruano restaurant in De Vargas Mall on January 6th. We will play 3 games at G/60 with a 5 second delay. Players are grouped in 8s by rating and each group plays a 3 round  rated swiss tournament.  Check in by 9:30.  Rounds at 9:45 (lunch)  12:30  and  2:45.  Entry is $10 and prizes in each group are 1st  $40 and 1st in the lower half of each octagon wins $20.
To enter you must be a uscf member.  To play send me an email to book your seat and then pay at the door.
The mall is downtown between Paseo de Peralta and Gaudalupe.  From Abq. drive N on I 25 and exit on St Francis.  Go across town until you turn R on Paseo de Peralta.  The mall is on the L
Aravind A                1828
Matthew Bryant       1820
Jim Johnston            1713
Mark Galassi           1687
Bird Thompson       1434
Eric Johnston          1413
Kumar N                  806

Monday, October 30, 2017

Quick and Blitz on December 2nd

Our next event is at the Sabor Peruano restaurant in the De Vargas Mall in Santa  Fe. It will happen on the 1st Saturday in December. We will play 5 rounds of Quick chess.  Game in 15 with a 3 second delay.  Then we will start a new tournament where you play 4 double rounds of blitz  G/5.  You play W and B against your opponent.  Finally we will give cash prizes to the players with the best combined scores from both tournaments.  These are NOT rated.  You will play 13 games total and I promise you will not lose any rating points.  You can play here even if your uscf membership has lapsed!
Check in at 9:30  Quick Rounds at 9:45    10:30    11:15    12    (lunch)   1:30
                             Blitz Rounds  at    2:15    2:45    3:15    3:45
Entry is $10.  If you want to play please send me an email to book your spot then pay at he door on the day.
Player List
Jim Johnston
Bird Thompson
Eric Johnston
Mark Galassi
Gloria Galddassi
Antoni Galassi
Bruce Bell
Roberto Gonzales
Gilbert Mireles

I have updated the player list.  Those listed above played on December 2nd.  Bruce went 5 and 0 in the quick games and took 1st in the combined scores.  Gilbert came 1st in the blitz and won the rating prize.  Thanks to all who played.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Quads on October 28th

Our next event is a quad at the Sabor Peruano restaurant in the De Vargas Mall in Santa Fe on Saturday 28th October.  Players are divided into groups of 4 by ratings and each group plays a round robin among themselves.  3 rounds, G/60 ;d5.  Check in at 9:30.  Rounds at 9:45   1   and 3:15.  Entry is $10  and 1st place in each quad  wins $30.  To enter send me an email to save your spot and then pay at the door.  For directions scroll down.
Player list
Bird Thompson                    1452
Jim Johnston                         1700
Jaimie Ritchie                       1021
Miles Teng Levy                   1172
Mitchell Bartholomew          944
Peter Lattimore                    1694
Kevin Zemko                         1033

Sunday, August 6, 2017

La Tienda Open on September 16th

Our next tournament is at the Performance Space in La Tienda mall in Eldorado.  2 sections Open and U1700.  4 rounds G/60 ;d5.  Rounds at  10   1   3:15 and   5:30  Prizes:
Open  (b12)    1st  $120     U1900   $80
U1700 section  (b12)    1st  $100   U1500  $60   U 1300 $40
To enter send me an email to   and then pay at the door.  Those who show up without notice on the day risk not being paired for round 1

Player list
Aravind A                              1835
Jim Johnston                          1729
Aubrey O'Neal                        1563
Gabe Morgan                         1551
Kian Morgan                          1480
Nitis Morgan                          1329
Eric Johnston                         1317
Tim Martin                             1277
Robbie Gersten                      1245
Wendel Brown                       1207
Jaimie Ritchie                        1021

From Santa Fe get on I -25 heading N.  After 8 miles exit on the 285 signed for Clines Corners.  At the 2nd light go R into Eldorado. The La Tienda mall is immediately on the L.  The building you see with a green roof is the tournament venue

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Action Tournament on August 5th

Our next event will be at the Sabor Peruano restaurant in the De Vargas Mall in Santa Fe.  Play 5 rounds  game in 30 with a 5 second delay.  Check in by 9:30.  Games at    9:40    11    (lunch)    1      2:15    and   3:30.
To enter send me an email then pay $10 on arrival.
If there are 18 entries or more we will have 2 sections - top and bottom halves.  Cash prizes based on entries.
For directions scroll down
Player list
Aravind A.                      1846
Matthew Bryant              1821
Jim Johnston                   1760
Gabe Morgan                  1565
Andy Merriell                 1530
Kian Morgan                   1480
Jason Johnson                 1407
Eric Johnston                  1305
Mitchell Bartholomew      834

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