Monday, September 24, 2012

Santa Fe Open on October 20th

Our next event is the Santa Fe Open.  We will play 4 rounds G/45 + 5 secs delay.  Rounds are at 10:15, 11:45, 2:15 and 4.  2 sections....Open and U 1500.  Note that this time we will be back in the La Farge library on Llano St.  Entry is $10.  As usual you can send me your check to Santa Fe Rooks, or send me an email to say you are coming and then pay at the door.

FRIDAY  A M  ...We can only fit 32 players in the library. Please check that we still have space if you wish to enter on Friday night or Saturday.

Carlos Santillan    2003
Andrew Flores     1911
Jarvis Billy           1829
V M Kenkre       1795
Jim Johnston        1776
Julian Trujillo        1693
Holly McRoberts  1615
Donald Poston      1576

Stephen Aarons    1475
Gregory Strickin   1430
Robert Scott         1415
Jerry Nabb           1399
Victor Lopez         1371
Henry Poston        1354
Anthony Soria        1271
Vo Do                   1270
Aubrey O'Neal      1230
Andrei Popa-Simil  1187
Scout Veitch          1182
Victor Popa Simil   1170
Ming-Yuan Lo       1115
Della Carter            939
Dimitri Lopez          915
Elizabeth Cooper    914
Willow Letard        726  
John Letard            718
Esmael Valdez        unr.

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