Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time Odds tourney....Results

We had 12 players at the August 20th tournament and the time handicap proved to be a big advantage when after 3 rounds there were 2 young 1300 players as the only perfect scores! These 2 both ended up with a prize as Matthew Niemiec came in 1st and Harsh Bhundiya scored the biggest upset for a win against top seed Carlos Santillan. The 2nd biggest upset prize went to Della Carter.
4.5 Matthew Niemiec
4 Carlos Santillan, Sam Dooley, Dante Archuleta, Robert Hampton and Bird Thompson
3.5 Harsh Bhundiya
2 Bill Frank, Holly McRoberts and Della Carter
1 Gene Chavez
0 Craig Stamm
The next SF Rooks tourney will be match play on October 15th but don't forget the Great Santa Fe Gambit tourney at the NEA on Botolph St. in Santa Fe. It is on September 17th...Details on the NMCO website or in Chess Life

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time Odds Tournament ...... Players

So far the following have told me they will be playing on Saturday 20th:

Carlos Santillan 2033
Sam Dooley 1913
Jim Johnston 1871
Bill Frank 1862
Holly McRoberts 1686
Bird Thompson 1622
Harsh Bhundiya 1378
Matthew Niemiec 1308
Craig Stamm 866
Della Carter 431
Gene Chavez Unr.

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