Monday, August 13, 2012

Player list

For the August 18th matches we are expecting:
Andrew Flores       1925
Tim Martinson        1897
Bill Frank               1860
Jarvis Billy              1814
V M Kenkre          1801
Jim Johnston           1762
Robert Hampton     1761
Bird Thompson       1622
Holly McRoberts    1614
Dan Tellez              1364
Mike Martinson      1283
Alfredo Vigil            887
Craig Stamm            866
Nikki Carter            803

If you need directions scroll down to info for the blitz tourney

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Match - ups on August 18th

On the 18th at the Southside library in Santa Fe you can play a rated match against the player whose rating is closest to yours.  G/90 + 5 secs delay.  One game B and 1 game W.  1st round starts at 10:30.  2nd round is scheduled for 2:30 but can be moved up if your 1st game finishes early. To enter send a check for $10 to SFR or you could email me to say that you are coming and then arrive on time to pay at the door.
This tournament provides a good opportunity to warm up for the NM Open in September AND is the last chance to gain a few more NM Cup points for 2012

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