Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rooks Quad on January 12th

The quad will be in the La Farge library in Santa Fe on the 12th.  Apologies for changing the date again but this was the only Saturday available.  I can refund any entries from players who signed up for the other dates if the new one doesn't suit them.
We will play 3 rounds of G/60, d5, at 10:15   1:15  3:15  1st in each quad wins $30.  Send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks or email to sign up and then pay at the door

Carlos Santillan        2003                                               
Sam Dooley            1897
Art Glassman           1883
JimJohnston            1805

Vasudev Kenkre     1766
Robert Hampton      1753
Matthew Bryant       1743
Julian Trujillo            1710

Gabriel Maestas      1554
Holly McRoberts    1552
Gregory Stricklin    1528
Steve Anderson       1473

Victor Lopez           1430
Robert Scott              1325
Achyut Warrier           1278
John Letard                1016
Elizabeth Cooper         982
Philip Gaudette            unr.
Annabelle Romero       926
Nikki Carter                924
Willow Letard             886
Joshua Maestas           731
Ashkay Warrier           532

DIRECTIONS                     The La Farge library is on LLano St. between Siringo and St Michaels.
From ABQ  from I 25 take the St Francis exit.  At the 3rd light go L on Siringo, then goR at the 2nd light on to Llano

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Player list for SF Action on Dec 1st

We are expecting the following players:
Tony Schroeder      2033
Thomas Mathine    1849
Jim Johnston          1805
Robert Hampton    1769
Chris Hyde             1579
Holly McRoberts   1561
Gabe Maestas        1502
Bob Scott               1397
Jerry Nabb             1339
Aubrey O'Neal       1240
Jonah Romero         851
Joshua Maestas       539

To get to the southside library:
From town    go way down Cerrillos Rd,  R on Jaguar Drive, stay on it for 2 miles - the library is on the R
From ABQ  from I-25 take the 599 exit. At 2nd light  go R on Airport.  After the golf course go R on Country Club and the library is soon on the L

Thursday, November 15, 2012

December 15th Quad Postponed

I couldn't get a library for the planned date for the quad, so I will try to reschedule it for January 19th

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Action Tourney on 1st December

Santa Fe Action is now on for the 1st December at the Southside library.  This replaces the action tournament originally planned for Nov 17.  If there are enough entries we will split them into a top half and bottom half.  5 rounds G/30 + 3 secs delay.  1st round starts at 10:15, then 11:30  1:45  3 and 4:15.  To enter send your $10 check to Santa Fe Rooks, or send me an email to say that you are coming and then arrive on time and pay at the door.
Let me know which types of tournament we should be having in the new year and I will try to organize a schedule of varied events for 2013

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SF Open Results

Thanks to everybody who came to the SFO.  The crosstable is up on the uscf website.  Andrew Flores swept  the Open section.  The prize for best score in the lower half was shared by Donald Poston, Julian Trujillo and Jim Johnston.  Victor Lopez had the only perfect score in the U1500 section.  Rating prizes went to Aubrey O'Neal and John LeTard. Congrats to all.
Our next event will be the rescheduled action tournament.  I hope this will be at the Southside library on December 1st.  See you there.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Santa Fe Open on October 20th

Our next event is the Santa Fe Open.  We will play 4 rounds G/45 + 5 secs delay.  Rounds are at 10:15, 11:45, 2:15 and 4.  2 sections....Open and U 1500.  Note that this time we will be back in the La Farge library on Llano St.  Entry is $10.  As usual you can send me your check to Santa Fe Rooks, or send me an email to say you are coming and then pay at the door.

FRIDAY  A M  ...We can only fit 32 players in the library. Please check that we still have space if you wish to enter on Friday night or Saturday.

Carlos Santillan    2003
Andrew Flores     1911
Jarvis Billy           1829
V M Kenkre       1795
Jim Johnston        1776
Julian Trujillo        1693
Holly McRoberts  1615
Donald Poston      1576

Stephen Aarons    1475
Gregory Strickin   1430
Robert Scott         1415
Jerry Nabb           1399
Victor Lopez         1371
Henry Poston        1354
Anthony Soria        1271
Vo Do                   1270
Aubrey O'Neal      1230
Andrei Popa-Simil  1187
Scout Veitch          1182
Victor Popa Simil   1170
Ming-Yuan Lo       1115
Della Carter            939
Dimitri Lopez          915
Elizabeth Cooper    914
Willow Letard        726  
John Letard            718
Esmael Valdez        unr.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Player list

For the August 18th matches we are expecting:
Andrew Flores       1925
Tim Martinson        1897
Bill Frank               1860
Jarvis Billy              1814
V M Kenkre          1801
Jim Johnston           1762
Robert Hampton     1761
Bird Thompson       1622
Holly McRoberts    1614
Dan Tellez              1364
Mike Martinson      1283
Alfredo Vigil            887
Craig Stamm            866
Nikki Carter            803

If you need directions scroll down to info for the blitz tourney

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Match - ups on August 18th

On the 18th at the Southside library in Santa Fe you can play a rated match against the player whose rating is closest to yours.  G/90 + 5 secs delay.  One game B and 1 game W.  1st round starts at 10:30.  2nd round is scheduled for 2:30 but can be moved up if your 1st game finishes early. To enter send a check for $10 to SFR or you could email me to say that you are coming and then arrive on time to pay at the door.
This tournament provides a good opportunity to warm up for the NM Open in September AND is the last chance to gain a few more NM Cup points for 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Combined Blitz and Quick - Results

16 players showed up at the library on Saturday.  The Blitz tournament was won by Jeremiah Miller and Ian Maclellan.  Chad Schneider won the G/15.  When all the scores were combined, Jeremiah and Chad shared 1st and 2nd place prizes while Colin Redman took the U1100 $  Congrats to all!

Blitz scores:
7    Ian Maclellan, Jeremiah Miller
6    Thomas Mathine, Bird Thompson, John Boyd, Chad Schneider
5     Brock Romero
4    Wayne Hatcher, Sam Dooley, Harsh Bhundiya, Colin Redman,
2   Pravin Agarwal
1     Scout Veitch, Craig Stamm, David Hanaur,
0  Elizabeth Cooper

Quick scores:
4.5    Chad Schneider
4       Wayne Hatcher
3.5    Thomas Mathine, Bird Thompson, Jeremiah Miller
3       Sam Dooley,  Ian Maclellan, Colin Redman, Jim Johnston,
2.5    John Boyd,  
2       Harsh Bhundiya,   Elizabeth Cooper,  Craig Stamm, 
1       Scout Veitch,   Pravin Agarwal, 
.5      David Hanaur
There were 8 blitz games and 5 G/15.  So the top combined scores were:
10.5    Chad, Jeremiah
10       Ian
9.5      Thomas, Bird
8.5       John
8         Wayne
7          Colin, Sam

Hope to see you all at our match ups on August 18th

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Players and Directions

For the G/5 and G/15 tournament we are expecting:
Thomas Mathine       1852
Wayne Hatcher         1823
Sam Dooley              1784
Jim Johnston             1703
Tad Snediker            1669
Jeremiah Miller          1651
Bird Thompson         1622
Harsh Bhundiya         1482
Scout Veitch              1100
Colin Redman           1093
Elizabeth Cooper      1007
Annabelle Romero      982
Craig Stamm              861
Pravin Agarwal          Unr.

To get to the southside library:
From in town go all the way down Cerrillos. Pass the auto park and soon go R on Jaguar Drive.  Stay on it for 2 miles when the library appears on your R.  Make 2 R turns into the parking lot.
From ABQ...From I-25 take the 599 ring road sign posted to Los Alamos. At the 2nd light turn R onto Airport Rd.  Just past the golf course go R on Country Club Rd.  The library will emerge on the L

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Thanks to all who played in the May Octos.
I have now booked the Southside library for our combined Blitz and G/15 tournament on July 14th.
We will play 4 double rounds of Blitz in the morning, 1st round starts at 10:15.  We will follow the updated USCF Blitz rules. (see the website....updates to the rule book...last 3 pages)
Starting at 1:30 we will play a 5 round swiss tournament at G/15 + 3 seconds delay. Cash prizes for the best combined scores from both tourneys. 
This tournament is NOT USCF rated.  You are guaranteed to lose ZERO rating points!  Those who are no longer current members can play in this event. I hope to have 2 sections

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Players and directions

For May 12th we are expecting:

Sam Dooley 1919
Wayne Hatcher 1909
Jim Johnston 1811
Don Mulcahy 1730
Jeff Sallade 1719
Holly McRoberts 1665
Derek Cunningham 1627
Julian Trujillo 1586

Harsh Bhundiya 1529
Steve Aarons 1475
Matthew Niemiec 1437
Dan Tellez 1358
Jerry Nabb 1337
Gabe Maestas 1334
Heidi Darsey 1144
Colin Redman 1139

Elizabeth Cooper 879
Jordan Ortiz 826
Penny Darsey 757
Willow Letard 495
Della Carter 399
John Letard 175
Ian Williamson Unr.
James Timberlake Unr.

The library is on Llano street betwen Siringo and St. Michaels. If you are coming into town on the I-25 the St Francis exit is closed for repairs. From ABQ take the Cerrillos exit... from the north get off at Old Pecos trail...and in either case stay on it until you reach St Michaels.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Octos on May 12th

Please note that I had to change the location of the May 12th Octos. I had planned to use the South Side library for all of this year's events but it was already booked up. Could be because the La Farge has not been open on Saturdays for the last few months. But they are scheduled to be open on Saturdays as from the start of May, so we should be okay to play on the 12th.
Jim Johnston

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tournament news

Thanks to all who came to the NM Class tournament in Eldorado. La Tienda proved to be a great new playing site and I will try to get another tournament there soon. Maybe the Santa Fe Open in October?
Meanwhile our new season starts in May. Chad tells me that the match against Colorado is planned for May 19th. So I will try to book the library for May 12th and May 19th is the second choice if that date is unavailable.
You can download a flyer for the next SFR tourneys at

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Player List and directions

For the Class we are expecting:
Carlos Santillan 2006
David Langlois 1930
Andrew Flores 1882
Jim Johnston 1857
Albert Zuo 1835
Leroy Quintana 1816

Robert Hampton 1752
Jeff Sallade 1745
Chris Cruz 1716
Hector Martinez 1700
Holly McRoberts 1675
Brady Barkemeyer 1660
Leonard Helman 1633
Matthew Bryant 1613
Eric Barkemeyer 1601

Larry Kemp 1552
Julian Trujillo 1538
Rick Lass 1478
Dan Tellez 1368
Jerry Nabb 1271
Wendel Brown 1248
Alfredo Vigil 968
Annabelle Romero 922
Nikki Carter 420

To get to the venue stay on the I 25 for 8 miles beyond the Santa Fe exits. Take the turn-off for Clines Corners (285) go 1 mile south then at the 2nd light turn R on Vista Grande. La Tienda is immediately on the L. Chess is in the Destiny Allison Fine Arts space in the mall

Sunday, March 4, 2012

NM Class Championships

On March 17th and 18th we will be holding the class tournament in Destiny Allison Fine Arts space in La Tienda, in Eldorado, near Santa Fe. Play 5 rounds against those in your rating class, G/90 plus 5 seconds delay. Rounds are at 10, 1:45 and 5 on Saturday and 10 and 1:45 on Sunday.
Each class contains those rated within a spread of 200 points. Expert 2000 - 2200, Class A 1800 - 2000, B 1600 - 1800, C 1400 - 1600 D 1200 - 1400 and E 1000 - 1200. If there are enough entries then classes are paired as distinct sections, while classes could be grouped together if numbers are lower. Prizes should be $150 for each class champion based on 10 entries per class. Class Champions A through E will be invited to represent New Mexico in the annual match against Colorado in the summer.
See the flyer at To enter send your check for $25 to Santa Fe Rooks, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe NM 87508

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