Thursday, August 21, 2014

Santa Fe Open on September 6th

The next SFR event is on at the Southside library in Santa Fe on the 6th.  There will be 2 sections....Open and U1400.  Play 4 games at G/40;d5.  Rounds will be at 10:45    1:10    2:30  and   4.   Note the new round times as the library has changed to an opening time of 10:30.  Prizes based on entries.  To enter send your check for $10 to  Santa Fe Rooks,   84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe  NM  87508  or you could send me an email at to save your  place and then pay at the door IF you get there before 10:30
Zach Stuart                  2104
Sam Dooley                 2011
Tony Schroeder           2002
Nakul Deshpande         1898
Bob Nolan                   1852
Art Glassman               1848
Jim Johnston                1773
Peter Lattimore            1755
Robert Hampton           1754
Donald Poston              1736
Julian Trujillo               1732
Jonah Romero              1658
Aubrey O'Neal             1627
Henry Poston               1623
Bird Thompson            1622
Alex Ionkov                  1322
Phillip Ionkov                1296
Wendel Brown              1259
Christie Nolan              1198
Elizabeth Cooper          1195
Max Fouts                     904
Isabella Hays                 738
Oliver Hillenkamp         Unr.

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