Thursday, December 2, 2010

Saturday's Tournament

Looks like we will be a rather small group Saturday. Registrations will be accepted on site from 9:00-9:20. Here is the list of players so far:

1893 Curtis Cooper
1865 Robert Hampton
1842 Sam Dooley
1823 Jim Johnston
1574 Richard Lass
1506 Chris Hyde
973 Jeff Jones

Also, I drove out to the site from the bypass. Here are some more detailed instructions.

From 599 take CR 62 South, the same exit as the golf course but the other side. Go maybe 100 yards to a dead end, make a left on the frontage road. Go about 1/4 mile to CR 62, also called Caja Del Oro Grant Rd, and make a right. Go less than half a mile to the second Prairie Dog Loop, make a right, and it is the only building in sight.

See you Saturday!

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