Saturday, May 23, 2015

Octos on June 13th

Please don't show up tomorrow if you are not on the list below.  The room is small and we already have 4 Octos    IF YOU NEED SOME SPACE YOU MAY PREFER TO DROP OUT!!  No complaining later

Our next tournament is at the La Farge library on the 13th June.  Players are split into groups of 8 then each group plays a 3 round rated Swiss tournament among themselves.  G/60 with a 5 second delay.  Rounds at 10:15     1:15     and   3:30.  ALL players get NM Cup points. Entry is $10 and in each Octo 1st wins $40 and 2nd wins $20.  To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM  87508   or you could just send an email to say you will be coming and then pay at the door.  If so you must arrive promptly before 10.
Scroll down to Christmas quads

Bob Nolan                           1898
Art Glassman                       1886
Vasudev Kenkre                  1799
Robert Hampton                  1752
Michael Takahashi              1745
Jim Johnston                       1711
Jonathan Gardner                 1672
Asher Nathan                      1670

Brad Earlewine                   1661
Oren Stevens                       1600
Mark Galassi                        1585
Holly McRoberts                 1536
Bruce Nelson                       1528
Mark Smith                         1510
Elizabeth Cooper                1267
Mariano Trujillo                  1215

Ivan Vargas                         1176
Devin Coe                           1157
Max Fouts                            1151
Della Carter                          1150
Annabelle Romero               1055
Fred Nathan                          850
Isabella Hays                        829
Patrick Martinez                   788

Ashwin Chinala                    787
Lokesh Hariharan                  509
Gilbert Chavez                      478
Makaylaa Taylor                    261
Sophia Taylor                         105
Edgar Botello                         unr.
Alfonso Arenasa                   unr.
John McCombs                     unr.

If you want to withdraw.....  send me an email

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