Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Octos - the results

Congrats to Jeff Serna who took 1st in the Christmas pudding section. Sam Dooley came in 2nd and Donald Poston and Nakul Deshpande split the U1700 prize. In the (lower) Christmas Lights section 1st and 2nd were shared by Matthew Niemiec and Henry Poston. 18 players competed but youth triumphed. The cross table should be on the USCF site before anyone can say Bah Humbug

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Octos players

For the 17th we are expecting:
Jeff Serna 1995
Sam Dooley 1919
Jim Johnston 1891
Bill Frank 1872
Robert Hampton 1740
Holly McRoberts 1698
Nakul Deshpande 1633
Edward Wyckoff 1582
Anne Wyckoff 1577
Charles Gillespie 1542
Rick Lass 1532
Steve Aarons 1478
Matthew Niemiec 1327
Aubrey O'Neal 1282
Della Carter 458

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