Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Octos on August 31st

We will be playing 3 rounds G/60 + 5 secs delay at the southside library this Saturday.  Rounds at 10:15     1:15   and   3:30.    $10  entry.    1st in each Octo wins $40  2nd wins $20.  If you wish to play send me an email to reserve your place, then be sure to arrive at the library for 10 a m.

Art Glassman                     1849
Don Mulcahy                     1811
Jim Johnston                      1737
Victor Lopez                      1577
Heidi Darsey                      1492
Aubrey O'Neal                   1439
Victor Popa-simil               1392
Don Lubin                          1387
Ming-Yuan Lo                    1294
Scout Veitch                       1231
Aaron Currence                  1209
Edward Weagel                  1198
John Letard                         1164
Asher Nathan                       925
Tiegan Kurtiz                      892                 
Maxwell Fouts                    785
Richard Kurtiz                    715

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Santa Fe Open ...the winners

23 players competed  on August 3rd.  Thanks to all.  The Open section was won by Carlos Santillan with the rating prizes being shared between Michael Torres, Matthew Bryant, Jim Johnston, Greg Stricklin and Alex Ionkov.  In the U1300 section Mark Galassi won all 4 games.  He was unrated so Edward Weagel also won some cash as the top guy with a rating on 3.5.  Alfredo Vigil took the U1000 cash and Aaron Currence had the best score among U500 / Unrated players.  Great job all!
I hope to see everybody at the next SFR tournament - Octos at the Southside library on August 31st

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