Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blitz and Quick on August 16th

Our next event is on at the Southside library.  2 separate unrated tournaments.  You can play even if your uscf has expired.  13 games and you will not lose any rating points.  Blitz in the morning - 4 double rounds G/5 at 10:15   10:45   11:15  and 11:45. We will use the updated uscf blitz rules.  After a lunch break we will play 5 rounds G/15 +3 secs delay.  Rounds at   1:30   2:15   3   3:45   and 4:15.  Cash prizes for the best combined scores.  If there are 18 + entries we will divide  players  into 2 equal sections.  To enter send your check for $10    to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe  NM  87508  or you could just email me to reserve your place and then pay at the door  IF you get there a bit before 10.
Alex Ortiz                  1774
Tad Snediker              1729
Jim Johnston              1661
Mark Galassi              1582
Harsh Bhundiya         1581
James Redman           1427
Jack Mockler              1268
Elizabeth Cooper        1119
Colin Redman             1093
Simon Redman            857
Max Fouts                    745
Lawrence Longwell      unr.

Send me an email if YOU want to play

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Octos on July 19th

Our next tournament is on at the La Farge library in Santa Fe.  We will divide entrants into groups of 8 based on ratings, then each Octo plays a 3 round Swiss tournament.  3 Rounds at 10:15   1:15   and 3:30.  G/60 + 5 secs delay.  Entry is $10.  1st in each octagon wins $40,  2nd wins $20.  To enter send me an email to say you are going to be there and will pay at the door, or send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe NM 87508
Sam Dooley                 2015
Bob Nolan                   1807
Peter Lattimore            1767
Jim Johnston                1728
Mark Galassi                1712
Julian Trujillo              1638
David Baca                   1626
Greg Stricklin              1524
Kian Morgan                1401
Robert Scott                 1304
Gabriel Morgan            1291
Christie Nolan              1271
Asher Nathan               1264
Fred Nathan                 1048
Brandon Fang              1031
Max Fouts                    964
Joey Reich                    Unr.
Alex Ortiz                     Unr.
Ben Brimacombe          Unr.

send me an email if you wish to join them

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