Thursday, June 20, 2013

Santa Fe Open on August 3rd

 The next SFR tourney is the Santa Fe Open at the southside library on August 3rd.  Play 4 rounds at G/40 ;d5.  Rounds will be at 10:15   11:45   2:15 and  4.  2 sections - Open and U1300.  Prizes will be based on entries.  To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks or you could email me to book your place and then  pay at the door IF you arrive on time.

Tony Schroeder     2075
Carlos Santillan     2018
Sam Dooley          1883
Jim Johnston         1758
Michael Torres      1756
Matthew Bryant    1751
Alex Ionkov          1405
Victor Popa-simil  1392
Phillip Ionkov       1310
Andrei Popa-simil  1269
Scout Veitch         1242
Nitis Morgan         1152
Kian Morgan         1106
Liz Cooper            1044
Sam Kater             1018
Alfredo Vigil          929
Asher Nathan          926
Tiegan Kurtiz          892
Annabelle Romero  824
Antoni Galassi        469
Gloria Galassi         169
Mark Galassi           Unr.
Maxwell Fouts        Unr.
Edward Weagel       Unr.

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