Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Player list for SF Action on Dec 1st

We are expecting the following players:
Tony Schroeder      2033
Thomas Mathine    1849
Jim Johnston          1805
Robert Hampton    1769
Chris Hyde             1579
Holly McRoberts   1561
Gabe Maestas        1502
Bob Scott               1397
Jerry Nabb             1339
Aubrey O'Neal       1240
Jonah Romero         851
Joshua Maestas       539

To get to the southside library:
From town    go way down Cerrillos Rd,  R on Jaguar Drive, stay on it for 2 miles - the library is on the R
From ABQ  from I-25 take the 599 exit. At 2nd light  go R on Airport.  After the golf course go R on Country Club and the library is soon on the L

Thursday, November 15, 2012

December 15th Quad Postponed

I couldn't get a library for the planned date for the quad, so I will try to reschedule it for January 19th

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Action Tourney on 1st December

Santa Fe Action is now on for the 1st December at the Southside library.  This replaces the action tournament originally planned for Nov 17.  If there are enough entries we will split them into a top half and bottom half.  5 rounds G/30 + 3 secs delay.  1st round starts at 10:15, then 11:30  1:45  3 and 4:15.  To enter send your $10 check to Santa Fe Rooks, or send me an email to say that you are coming and then arrive on time and pay at the door.
Let me know which types of tournament we should be having in the new year and I will try to organize a schedule of varied events for 2013

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