Sunday, March 31, 2013

Match Ups: the winners

Congrats to Michael Torres, Greg Stricklin, Bob Scott, Nikki Carter and Jim Johnston who won their match on Saturday.  I hope the cross table will be up and rated by the time you read this.
No SFR library event in April, BUT the NM Class tournament is on in Eldorado on 4/27 - 28.  Sign up through NMCO

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Player List

So far we are expecting the following players for the match ups on Saturday 30th:
Don Mulcahy             1834
Bob Hampton            1799
Jim Johnston              1789
Holly McRoberts       1640
Greg Stricklin            1595
Victor Lopez              1494
Bob Scott                   1340
Aubrey O'Neal           1296
Annabelle Romero       962
John Letard                  950
Nikki Carter                 950
Willow Letard              829

Plenty of room for more!
If YOU want to play send me an email

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