Sunday, August 14, 2016

La Tienda Open on September 10th

Our next event is a 4 round G/60 ;d5 at the La Tienda mall in Eldorado.  For directions scroll down to the post for the Utopian Open.  On the 10th September we will have 2 sections - Open and  Reserve (U1500)  .  Rounds are at  10  (lunch)  1  3:15  and  5:30.  Entry is $20 for all players.  There is a late fee of $5 on entries received after 9 /8/16
Prizes:  Open  (b16)    1st  $100     U1900  $ $80     U1700  $70  Best scholastic (k-12)  $30
             Reserve  (b10)   1st  $70   U1300  $50  U1100  $40         Best in k-12   $30
All entrants receive 2016 NM Cup points
To enter send your check for $20 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM 87508  or you could just send me an email to book your spot and then turn up early on the day.
Player list
Doug Thigpen            2172
Andrew Flores           2161
Raymond Griffin       1861
Robert Hampton        1796
Jim Johnston              1735
Greg Stricklin            1724
Rick Carnes                1721
Michael Torres          1712 
Andrew Ackerman    1655
Peter Lattimore          1624
Eric Johnston             1351
Chris Love                 1282
Scout Veitch              1212
Wendel Brown           1142
Annabelle Romero     1023
Richard Warren          751

Thursday, June 16, 2016

SFR Action on July 30th

We have a brand new venue for the next SF Rooks event.  We are playing at the Ascent Bible Church on Galisteo, south of St. Michael's.  Play 5 rounds G/30 with a 5 second delay. If there are 18 or more entrants we will have 2 sections.  Top and bottom halves.  Check in at 9:45, then rounds at 10   11:20  (lunch)  1:30   2:50   and 4:10.  Entry is $10.  Cash prizes based on entries.  To enter send your check to Santa Fe  Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM  87508....or you could just send me an email to book your spot and then pay at the door.  If so, be sure to be there by 9:50 when pairings will be made.
The church is at 2076 Galisteo. From St Michael's drive near the hospital turn S on Galisteo.  We are in the last building on the street.  If you are coming from Abq., from I-25 exit on St Francis.  After 3 lights get in the R lane and veer R to St Michael's.  Go R then 1st R on Galisteo.
Player List
Sam Dooley                      1939
Raymond Griffin              1886
Matthew Bryant                1820
Greg Stricklin                   1802
Jim Johnston                     1749
Peter Lattimore                 1645
Andrew Ackerman            1631
Bird Thompson                 1583
Aubrey O'Neal                   1514
Eric Johnston                     1384
Benjamin Cowen                1362
Elizabeth Cooper               1219
Anandakumar                     1209
Annabelle Romero              1155
Miles Teng Levy                1102
Mike Hibner                        1036
Justus Mason                        667
Ashton Padilla                       660
Sarah Biggert                        483
Makayla Taylor                    420
Sarah Salmonson                  419
Renee Mason                        415
Kayla Higgins                       387    
Sophia Taylor                       290

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time for Blitz on May 7th

The next SFR event is at the La Farge library in Santa Fe.  We will play 9 double rounds at G/5.  This tournament is unrated.  You can play even if your uscf membership has expired.  1 section.  Entry is $10.  Cash prizes for 1st and for best in various rating sections...all based on entries.  To book your place please send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM 87508   or you could just send me an email to book you spot and then arrive promptly at 10 and pay on the door.  1st round starts at 10:15.  We will break for lunch after the 4th double round and should complete the tournament at about 4
For directions  scroll down
Player list
Tad Snediker         1736
Jim Johnston          1629
Mark Galassi          1586
Gilbert Mireles        unr.

If  you  want to play send me an email

Friday, March 25, 2016

Rooks Action on April 16th

Our next event is at the La Farge library in Santa Fe on the 16th of April. Play 5 rounds. G/30 ;d5  Rounds at  10:15   11:30   lunch    1:30  2:45 and  4.  If  there are 18 or more entries we will form 2 sections.  Entry is $10.  Prizes bases on entries.  For directions ...scroll down.  To enter either send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road,  Santa Fe,  NM  87508,  OR you could just email me to book your spot and then pay at the door,  IF you arrive before 10.
Player List 
Jim Johnston               1803
Mark Galassi               1694
Peter Lattimore            1669
Aubrey O'Neal             1509
Andrew Ackerson        1410
Eric Johnston               1400
Elizabeth Cooper         1228
Anandakumar               989
Sarah Salmonson          Unr.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Utopian Open on March 19th - 20th

Our next event is the 2nd annual Utopian Open at the performance Space in La Tienda mall in Eldorado.  Play 5 rounds of G/90 ;d5.  2 sections Open and Reserve (U1500)  Rounds on Saturday at 10   1:30   5  and on Sunday at 10 and 1:30.  A half point bye is available in any round if requested in advance.
Entry is $30 for all players.  A late fee of $5 is due on entries received after 3/17.  To enter send your check for $30 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road, Santa Fe,  NM  87508
Prize fund
Open (based on 18)      1st    $150      2nd   $100      U1900   $100    U1700  $90                     Best scholastic (K-12)   $50
Reserve  (based on 12)      1st    $120   U1300  $90    U1100   $80     Best in K-12  $40
All players receive 2016 NM Cup points

Directions.  From Santa Fe take I-25 N for 8 miles.  Exit on 285 signed to Clines Corners.  At the 2nd light go R on Vista Grande.  Immediately you see the La Tienda mall on your L.  The performance space is in the building with the green roof.

Players :

Larry Wutt                           1996
Bob Nolan                            1918
Holly McRoberts                    1814
Jim Johnston                        1803
Hector Martinez                    1780
Victor Lopez                          1741
Mark Galassi                         1694
Heidi Darsey                         1610
Jules Carter                            1560
Eric Johnston                         1400
Scout Veitch                           1263
John LeTard                          1240
Elizabeth Cooper                   1228
Willow Le Tard                      1222
Annabelle Romero                  1086
Alfredo Vigil                          993
Anandakumar                        868

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