Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rooks quad is set for March 1st

Our next tournament will be a quad on 1st March at the Southside library in Santa Fe.  Entrants are grouped in 4s by rating and then play against the other 3 in their section.  3 rounds at 10:15   1:15  and 3:30.  $10 to enter.  1st in each quad wins $30.  To enter send your check to Santa Fe Rooks or you could email me to say you are coming and then pay at the door IF you arrive at 10.
Sam Dooley                     1934
Thomas Mathine             1899
Nakul Deshpande            1776
Jim Johnston                   1756
Peter Lattimore               1710
Victor Lopez                   1686
Holly McRoberts             1650
Aubrey O'Neal                1583
Jules Carter                      1552
Greg Stricklin                  1530
Bruce Nelson                   1523
Heidi Farsey                     1469
Kyle Henke                      1013
Kioshi Morosin                 960
John Bennett                     878
Quinn Fredine                   869
Alfredo Vigil                     855
Annabelle Romero            832
Max Fouts                         754

Send me an email if YOU wish to join them

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