Monday, June 20, 2011

Quad Winners

Congrats to the following quad winners from the ROTR tourney last Saturday
1 Sam Dooley
2 Leroy Quintana
3 Daniel Trujillo
4 Art Byers
5 Krishan Bhakta and Andrei Popa-Simil

Checks have been mailed to the above. I am patiently trying to get the report in to USCF and anticipate it getting posted eventually.
Don' forget the ABQ /Rio Rancho Open on the 25th and 26th June.
The next SFR event will be a 5 round swiss tournament, either 23rd or 24th July, I will announce which day within the week. Either way there will be 2 sections by rating and the time control is G/29

Thursday, June 16, 2011

For Saturday's tournament we are expecting:
Tim Martinson 1903
Caleb Jaquish 1890
Sam Dooley 1886
Jim Johnston 1883
Leroy Quintana 1830
Albert Zuo 1811
Robert Hampton 1800
Holly McRoberts 1677
Charles Gillespie 1570
Chris Hyde 1541
Daniel Trujillo 1464
Robert Peebles (1400)
Arthur Byers 1370
Harsh Bhundiya 1352
Michael Martinson 1266
Krishan Bhakta 1239
Annabelle Romero 959
Andrei Popa-Simil 946
Victor Popa-Simil 924

The La Farge library is on Llano between St. Michael's Drive and Siringo. If you are coming in from ABQ the easiest route is to take the St Francis exit from I 25, turn Left at the 3rd light onto Siringo, then Right at the 2nd light onto Llano.
See you all there at 10 a m on Saturday 18th

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