Sunday, May 6, 2012

Players and directions

For May 12th we are expecting:

Sam Dooley 1919
Wayne Hatcher 1909
Jim Johnston 1811
Don Mulcahy 1730
Jeff Sallade 1719
Holly McRoberts 1665
Derek Cunningham 1627
Julian Trujillo 1586

Harsh Bhundiya 1529
Steve Aarons 1475
Matthew Niemiec 1437
Dan Tellez 1358
Jerry Nabb 1337
Gabe Maestas 1334
Heidi Darsey 1144
Colin Redman 1139

Elizabeth Cooper 879
Jordan Ortiz 826
Penny Darsey 757
Willow Letard 495
Della Carter 399
John Letard 175
Ian Williamson Unr.
James Timberlake Unr.

The library is on Llano street betwen Siringo and St. Michaels. If you are coming into town on the I-25 the St Francis exit is closed for repairs. From ABQ take the Cerrillos exit... from the north get off at Old Pecos trail...and in either case stay on it until you reach St Michaels.

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