Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blitz and Quick Unrated on November 21st

Our next event is an unrated combined tournament at the Main library downtown in Santa Fe.  4 double rounds of G/5 in the a.m. then 5 rounds of G/15 ;d3 after lunch.  Entry is $10.  Cash prizes for the best combined scores.  Probably in 2 sections.  Play even if your uscf has lapsed and nobody loses any rating points!  Rounds    Blitz   at     10:15   10:45   11:15   11:45   then  lunch,  then  G/15  at     1:30     2:15        3      3:45   and  4:30
Remember that you will need a pocket full of quarters to park all day at the library or you can allow extra time to park for free a few blocks away and walk to the library.  The main library is at Washington and Marcy, one block N of the plaza.
Peter Cuneo                      1778
Art Glassman                    1769
Jim Johnston                     1615
Mark Galassi                     1575
Bird Thompson                 1565
Jonathan Gardner              1458
Gilbert Mireles                  unr.
Danilo Naturane                unr.
Adrian Nez                        unr.

Send me an email if YOU want to play too.

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