Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our next tournament is The Return of the Rooks Quad at La Farge Library, LLano St. Santa Fe. Everybody plays 3 rounds. Rounds are at 10;15, 1:00 and 3:15. To enter send a check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks, 84 Moya Road, Santa Fe NM 87508. 1st place in each quad wins $30.
Future tourneys:
July 24th Prairie Dog Quick G/29 6 rounds
August 20th Time Odds Tourney 6 rounds at Rodriguez Comm Ctr Prairie Dog Loop
October 15th Berserkers Tourney 8 rounds of G/15
November 19th Match-ups 2 games against the same opponent G/90 + 30 secs December 19th Christmas Octos 3 rounds G/60.

Return of the Rooks Quad and Time Odds Tourney are already confirmed. The other tournaments will be at venues in Santa Fe to be announced. Santa Fe Library venues can only be booked one month in advance.
All tourneys are $10 to enter and will award cash prizes.
See you all there

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time Odds Tournament on August 20th

Santa Fe Rooks will be holding a handicap tournament at Nancy Rodriguez Community Center on 20th August. I thought you would all appreciate some advanced warning on how to set your clocks when you get there! You start with 30 minutes each on the clock....then calculate the difference in the players' ratings. Divide by 10 to get the number of minutes to adjust and then add half to the weaker player's time and subtract half from the stronger player.

For example......Joe Fish rated 1304 plays Magnus Bloggs rated 1697. The difference is 393 points.Divide by 10 leaves 39.3, so 39 minutes is the difference in clock times. Add 20 to Joe's clock so he starts with 50 minutes. Subtract 19 from Magnus which leaves him with 11 minutes.
5 sec delay is always used.
The stronger player will never start with less than 5 minutes
For calculation of time odds times, unrated players count as 1200

There will be 6 rounds, 1 section, prizes for 1st and for biggest upset(s) though only 1 prize per player. Hope to see you all there.
Jim Johnston

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