Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Action tournament on February 7th

The much awaited Rooks Action is on.  We will play at the La Farge library in Santa Fe on the 7th February.  5 rounds at ...   10:15   11:30   1:30   2:45 and   4.    G/30;d5.  Probably in 2 sections - top and bottom halves.  Entry is $10 and cash prizes based on entries will be awarded.  To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road, Santa Fe  NM 87508.... or you could just send me an email to reserve your place and then pay at the door IF you arrive promptly at 10 on the day.
DIRECTIONS   scroll down
Edward Maran               1921
Bob Nolan                     1903
Michael Torres              1801
Jim Johnston                  1785
Robert Hampton            1692
Aubrey O'Neal               1633
Bird Thompson              1622
Mark Galassi                  1586
Steve Aarons                  1476
Joey Reich                      1324
Max Fouts                      1167
Christie Nolan                1175
Ian Aarons                      797
If you want to play send me an email

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