Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time Odds Tourney on April 25th

Our next event is at the La Farge Library in Santa Fe. This is unrated.  You can play even if your USCF has expired. We will play 5 rounds at G/30 plus or minus a time odds handicap.  Rounds at  10:15   11:30  1:45  3   and 4:15.   Entry is $10.  Prizes based on entries.
  The time handicap is one tenth of the difference in ratings in minutes.  Example:             
 Joe rated  1724  plays  Tom  rated 1396.  The difference is 328 points  so Tom gets an advantage of 33 minutes.  Subtract  half  from 30 leaves Joe with 30 -16  so 14 minutes on the clock while Tom gets 30 + 17 =47 minutes.   The stronger player always gets at least 6 minutes AND time delay of 5 seconds is used.  Unrated players are considered 1200 for time odds purposes.
To enter send your check for $10 to Santa Fe Rooks,  84 Moya Road, Santa Fe,  NM  87508    or you could just send an email to say you will be there and then pay at the door IF you arrive promptly at 10
Sam Dooley                   1999
Bob Nolan                     1912
Jim Johnston                  1730
Paul Hedrick                  1313
Max Fouts                     1149
Annabelle Romero          938
Gilbert Mireles                unr.
Josh  Wells                       unr.           

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