Monday, March 23, 2020

Utopian Open Postponed

Hello all,
Sorry to say that we will not be playing this tournament in April.  I hope to run it at a later date....   The Quad planned for June also looks dubious.  I suggest you try online chess for now.  Be well.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Utopian Open on April 18-19th

Our next event is a two day tournament at the La Tienda mall in Eldorado.  Play 5 rounds G/90 ;d5.
2 sections .....Open and Under 1600.  Rounds are on Saturday at 10   1:15  4:30   then on Sunday at 10  and  1:30. Up to 2 half point byes can be taken if requested before round 1. Entry is $30 for all players.  Prizes for the Open section based on 14 entries .....1st   $140.  Rating prizes for U 2000 and U1800  ...  based on numbers in each rating group.  Best score by a scholastic player   (k-12)  $40.  The second section will also have a prize of $40 for the best scholastic entrant plus prizes for 1st and a rating prize based on entries.
To enter  send me an email to .....and then pay at the door.  A late fee of $5 will apply to those who don't email before 5 pm on Friday 17th.
From Santa Fe go N 8 miles on I-25.  Take the 285 exit signed for Clines Corners.  At the 2nd light go R on Avenida Vista Grande.  The La Tienda mall is  immediately on the left.  We play in the performance space which is the building wih a green roof in back of La Plancha.
Player list   (soon)

Monday, December 30, 2019

Action chess on February 22nd

Our next event is an action tournament at  the La Farge library in Santa Fe.  .  We will play 5 rounds G/30;d5.  There will be 2 sections...Open and Under 1500.  Rounds at   10   11;15  (lunch)   1   2:15  and 3:30    Entry will be $10.  Cash prizes based on entries. To enter send me an email at    ......  .....     and then pay at the door.
Directions  (scroll down)
Player list   
Jim Johnston                   1700
Anthony Sandoval           1647
Jonathan Amdahl            1635
Geary Radcliffe              1597
Nick Miller                     1582
Grigory Ovanesyan        1544
Sherlock Chen                1228
Todd Yilk                        1143
John Le Tard                   1054
Zoli Szekely                    981
Tremayne Abazs             863
Nash Letard                     539
Shirley Wilburn               364
Alex Schachowskoj         unr.
Gabriel Pendas                 unr.
Tyler Volkoff                   unr.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Octos on December 14th

The next SFR tournament will be Octagons at the La Farge library on December 14th. Players are split into groups of eight by rating  and then each  group plays a 3 round swiss tournament between them.  3 rounds G/60 ;d5.   Rounds start at 10  1  and 3:10.  Entry is $10, the winner of each section gets $40 and the best score in the lower half of each Octo gets $20.  To enter send me an email   to  ... ...     to book your spot and then pay at the door.
The library is on Llano Street between St Michael's Drive and Siringo.  If coming from Abq exit from I.25 onto Saint Francis.  Go L at the 3rd light onto Siringo then R at the 2nd light onto Llano.
Tom Lawry                         1800
Jim Johnston                       1700
Nick Miller                         1627
Geary Radcliffe                  1622
Grigory Ovanesyan            1582
Miles Teng-Levy                1511
Bird Thompson                  1501
Vyacheslav Lebedev          1465
Andy Merriell                  1400
Sherlock Chen                   1156
Zoli Szekely                      1022
Todd Yilk                           835
Shirley Wilburn                  433
Jim Nichols                        unr.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Action Tournament on October 19th

The next SFR event is a 5 round action chess tournament at the La Farge library in Santa Fe.
Play 5 rounds G/30 ;d5.  2 sections ..... top half and bottom half.  Rounds at 10     11:15   (lunch)    1:15   2:30   and   3:45.  Entry is $10  and cash prizes will be awarded based on entries.  To enter send me an email to book your spot    ....send it to .....  .....    and then pay at the door.  There is a $5 late fee for those who don't email before 5 pm on Friday 18th.
The La Farge library is on Llano between St Michael's Drive and Siringo.  If you are coming from ABQ  take I-25 and exit on St. Francis.  At the 3rd light make a L on Siringo, then go R at the 2nd light on to Llano.
Players list
Tim Martinson           1894
Jim Johnston              1700
Bird Thompson          1526
Miles Teng Levy        1511
William Barfuss         1457
Grigory Ovanesyan     1350
Eric Johnston              1304
Sherlock Chen             1137
Craig Stamm                810
Slava Lebedev              unr.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The La Tienda Open on September 14th

The La Tienda Open will be at the performance space in Eldorado.  Play 4 rounds G/45 ;d5.  There will be 2 sections....Open  and U1400.  Rounds at   10   (lunch)   12:30   2:15 and   4.  Entry is $20. There will be big cash  prizes for 1st in each section plus rating prizes based on entries.  To enter send me an email to       and then pay at the door on arrival.
Those who don't email by 5 p m  on Friday 13th (!) will incur a $5 late fee.
From Santa Fe take the I-25 going N.  After 8 miles exit on the 285 going S.  At the second light go R.  The La Tienda Mall is on the L.  Our tourney is in the building with a green roof adjacent to the La Plancha restaurant.
Jim Johnston                    1700
Geary Radcliffe                1696
Kevin Toland                     1630
Bird Thompson                 1462
Miles Teng -Levy             1408
Grigory Ovanesyan          1396
Andrew Contreras            1370
Jason Murray                    1323
Eric Johnston                     1301
Gene Gerber                      1210
Sherlock Chen                   1111
Edward Keating                  843
Zoli Szekely                       819
Devin King                         607
Gaganasree M                     228

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Quad tournament on July 27th

Our next event is at the La Farge library on Llano street in Santa Fe. Play 3 games  G/60;d5.  The top 4 players play a round robin as do players 5 -8,  9-12 etc.  Entry is $10 and the winner of each quad gets $30. Rounds at   10:15   (lunch)   1   and 3:15. To enter send me an email  to   and then pay at  the door
See the January 5th post

Player List
Maurici Tarrago                    2335
Christian Von Huene             1827
Steven Young                       1814
Matthew Bryant                    1755
Geary Radcliffe                    1712
Michael Torres                      1710
Jim Johnston                         1700
Eddie Sedillo                        1683
Jonathan Gardner                  1651
 Grigory Ovanesyan              1353
Eric Johnston                        1339
Gene Gerber                          1335
Marc Tarrago                         1323
Sherlock Chen                        1181
Joseph Wang                          1142
Kevin Zemco                          1118
Harry Chalfin                         1081
Santiago Florencio                   915
Zoltan Szeleky                          832
Devin King                               521
Phoenix Schneider                   152
Kenneth Stowe                        unr.
Zoltan Szeleky (Sr.)                 unr.

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